Ten Ways a Home Seller Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

  1. Confirm gas, water & electricity are turned on and gas pilot lights are burning.
  2. Confine pets so they are not disturbed during the inspection process and notify real estate agents about where the animals will be during the scheduled service.
  3. Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  4. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries as needed.
  5. Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters. Verify filters fit and are properly secured.
  6. Move wood, stored items and debris away from foundation.
  7. Unlock or remove locks from such areas as fence gates, attic access hatches, electric service panels, sub-floor crawl space hatches or any special closet areas.
  8. Confirm areas and components are accessible to electric service panels, heating & air conditioning equipment, water heaters, ground fault electric receptacles (GFCI), attic access ladders, sub-floor crawl space access hatches for pier and beam construction.
  9. Trim tree limbs back from the roof and trim shrubs away from the house to allow access.
  10. Repair/replace broken, damaged or missing items: Door knobs, locks and hatches, window locks & broken glass, window screens, anti-siphon devices on exterior hose bibs, rain gutters and chimney flue caps.